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This section provides an incomplete list of my exhibitions. For the artist, exhibition - a definite stage of creativity, as opening night for an actor or a concert for a musician - an important and significant event. People come to look at the pictures to rejoice or to . think about the serious. Stopping near the picture, the person is left alone with the feelings and thoughts of the artist, and becomes important, whether the author is sincere when he created the product ore no. Falsehood will be visible at all times. Exhibition - a look at the creativity on the part and test their skills. This is a priceless opportunity to talk with visitors, guests and colleagues and share the history of each work. Exhibitions in other countries provide an opportunity to get acquainted with its people, show them to the Russian school of painting and talk about its traditions.Exhibition activities artists need both the author and the audience and contributes to mutual spiritual enrichment.

                                                     See you at the shows!